All children have opportunities to take on important roles and responsibilities at Ravenstone Primary School. Each Year the staff select a Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl to lead the school and represent the school at key events.  The main purpose of their role is to support the  Leadership Team in promoting and representing the school.  The main responsibilities and tasks are:

• To represent the school at certain events
• To make speeches and presentations promoting the school
• To show visitors round the school
• To meet with school council and mentors


On the last day of term we said goodbye and thank you to our out going head girls and boys Molly, Silas, Nura and Tom. They announced the new team and handed them their badges at the final assembly.

They have done an amazing job presenting to governors, councillors and Ofsted as well as showing parents around our school. They have proved to be great ambassadors  over this busy year and we wish them all good luck in their new school.



Article Image                Article Image

HEAD GIRL                               HEAD BOY
  Anna                                       Maxwell


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DEPUTY HEAD GIRL                         DEPUTY HEAD BOY

Covenant                                       Dylan

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We are committed to providing the children of Ravenstone with an education that will equip them for the future.