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Home Learning during Coronavirus Closure 

With yesterday’s announcement of school closures from Friday, Ravenstone has been working on putting together a Home Learning system which will allow children to access the curriculum when not in school. 

 This page outlines how the system will work and the contact families will have with school when at home. It also contains information on online resources which you will have access to.

Please also note that our Curriculum tab has many useful resources/information around what the children learn each day

 How will the Home Learning system work?

  • This is going to be very simple. Teachers will complete a Home Learning sheet, using the template that we already use, and these will be issued by ParentMail to all children every morning. This will continue for an indefinite period of time, and will be under constant review.

 What will the Home Learning look like?

  • He is an example (right) of a Home Learning sheet and the work you receive will not look too dissimilar to this:

 What will I expect each day as a parent?

  • Do please keep an eye out for your daily Home Learning sheet which will arrive by ParentMail before 9.00am.
  • It will include a range of activities to keep children learning during the school’s closure. This will include English and Maths activities as well as those relating to the rest of the curriculum.
  • The format for the Home Learning document will be identical to the current Home Learning sheet and so children will be familiar with it.
  • Teachers will endeavour to ensure that the work set as part of Home Learning makes explicit links, or continues to follow, the work which has been done in school. For example, there may still be activities relating to the class text the children have been reading.

 What if I do not have Internet access?

  • We are lucky that we have 100% of families signed up for ParentMail. However we are aware that not all children will have access to the internet at all times. We are working on this at the moment and will plan to send out paper copies of work to children who have no internet access. Please contact the school office if this applies to you. 

 What other resources will I have access to?

  • We are very lucky that Ravenstone has access to a range of online tools which children can use. Attached as Appendix 1 is an information sheet giving information about online resources. It includes a number of websites which we subscribe to (and children will be reissued with usernames and passwords where applicable) as well as a number of other websites which have made their content freely available to children since the coronavirus outbreak. Parents are encouraged to supplement the Home Learning sheet with work online using some of these websites.

 What if the closure goes on for a substantial period of time?

  • This is a good question and we have been thinking about it. We have the option of moving to a more interactive system of teaching and learning. This would involve potentially involve issuing Google usernames and passwords to all children and starting to work using Google Classroom – we have used this at Ravenstone in the last couple of years in certain lessons. Our approach will be continually under review and further updates will come in due course.

 Can I contact my child’s teacher?

  • Teachers will continue to check their emails each day as this will remain our principal means of communication. As with a normal day at school, teachers are expected to reply to parents within normal working hours.

  Online Learning Resources in the Event of Closure of Ravenstone Primary School

 With the closure of Ravenstone, we are lucky to have access to a range of online resources which children can access as part of their ongoing learning at home. Some of these are subscriptions which Ravenstone uses during a normal school week, whilst others have become available free of charge to children across the country since the coronavirus outbreak.

 Below is a handy guide to each, and where applicable you will be sent a username and password for logging in to each website. From here your child will then be able to access the resources on each.

 Purple Mash - This is the resource that we use for our computing curriculum at Ravenstone. However, it also has a wealth of other resources including online games, teaching pages, mock assessments as well as fun activities for children across all year groups and all subject areas. Your child has an account which can be accessed from the homepage. You will need to state that your child comes to Ravenstone Primary School in order to gain access.

Log in Here:

PurpleMash usernames and passwords have been issued to children, but will be reissued via parentmail.

 Times Table Rockstars - Mr Westland Has overseen this excellent resource at Ravenstone. It allows children to practice their arithmetic using the medium of being in a band. It is competitive, children can track their progress and is really useful for building confidence with times tables. Usernames and passwords are going to be sent out by class and please use your Childs account to access this. It can be used on a tablet, phone or on a laptop or desktop computer. 

Login Here:

Times Table Rockstars usernames and passwords have been issued to children, but will be reissued via parentmail.

 Lexia - Miss Austin has got children across the school using this reading tool over the last few terms. Not all children have an account as it is used for reading catch up. If your child has an account they will know their username and password and your child can access this at home. Your child will continue to work from where they left off in school. 

Log in Here:

 LGfL resources – schools across London continue to use London Grid for Learning to provide their Internet access. They have a wealth of online resources which are usually password protected but have been made freely available since the outbreak of coronavirus. There are no logins needed and you can access everything they have via this link

Resources Here:

 Year 6 Only - SATs Companion and - These two websites are tailored to supporting children with preparation for year six SATs. Although at the time of writing SATs seem to have been cancelled this year, the children can log onto these websites and access a range of support of tools. Usernames and passwords have already been issued, but if these have been lost please contact Mr Benn by email and I will reissue them.

Log in Here:

Log in Here:

 Oddizzi - Miss Del Valle has created an online account with this geography provider. It includes a range of engaging resources which children can access from any device at home. We have set up one account for the entire school and can be accessed using this link. If prompted to use an email address to download resources, please use:

Our username is: RavenstonePrimary

The Password is: ravenstone

Log in Here:

 Phonics Play - Phonics play have offered a log on for all parents so that they can use a range of resources at home.

Log in Here:

Username: march20

Password: home

 Twinkl – Twinkl are a huge online teaching provider and they have made their subscription-only content free to all in the last few days. Parents and children can access them here:

Setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

 BBC Bitesize has updated its online resources since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Their resources can be accessed here:

Resources Here


TTS have created a series of downloadable activity booklets which parents can access freely and download / print and complete at home:

Resources Here,BBVZ,14SD3O,18R4Z,1



Activity passport - Lot's of home learning activities recommended by year group

Non Screen activities - Suggested activities that can be done without technology