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Ravenstone Primary School

School uniform

A uniform will be introduced from September 2019. A recent letter was sent out to all parents and this can be found below.


The senior leadership team and governors have put a huge amount of thought into making this decision and we believe it will be the best for the school, its future and ultimately the children we all work so hard for.

The decision will bring Ravenstone in line with other local schools and with DFE guidance, which ‘strongly encourages schools to have a uniform as it can play a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school’. Our intention is for the uniform to continue to build both the reputation of Ravenstone across the local area, and the sense of belonging and shared identity among the children.


As we move forward with the uniform, we will be guided by these three key principles;


  1. Affordability: this will be a priority criterion for our new uniform.
  2. Practicality: we will focus on a practical uniform that enables the children to be smart, comfortable and free to enjoy a wide range of activities in their school clothes.
  3. Rationale: to achieve the rationale outlined above


As we progress through the timeline outlined below we will release more details to you all however some key decisions have been made now and these are;


  1. The uniform will consist of a school jumper and polo shirt as well as guidance around skirts, trousers, shoes etc. This will be differentiated for Early Years and their needs so that we take into account point 2 of the key principles. We are exploring the option of two colours to choose from.
  2. A transitional approach will be in place for the current year 5 cohort as they move into year 6. This year group will have the option to continue following the dress code however we would encourage the use of the uniform. This is to take into account point 1 of the key principles and ensure affordability is considered for a year group only having one year left with us and having to purchase uniform again when they move into year 7.
  3. A PE/sports kit will be introduced as part of the uniform.





January 2019

Updated school dress code implemented (see below)

January to March

The design of the new uniform

March 2019

Uniform to become available to purchase

September 2019

Uniform introduced 


As the year progresses, I will continue to keep you informed.



Kind Regards,


Joe Croft, Senior Leadership Team and School governors


Appendix 1


Updated school dress code from January 2019 to end of school year


What isn’t permitted


Fancy dress


Crop tops

Swimming costumes

Flip flops/open sandals

Football boots

Light up shoes/ Heelys

Fake tattoos



These non-permitted items are either inappropriate for school or are not suitable due to health and safety concerns