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Ravenstone Primary School

Year 2 Weekly Review


Weekly Review  -

We are now getting into the swing of the spring term even though it feels decidedly wintery! You will have noticed that we are now sending home weekly spelling practise sheets – these are for use at home and do not need to be stuck in or returned to us (we are also practising the same spelling in school). As of this week we are also sending home colour banded reading books. Please ensure these are put straight back into book bags ready to be swapped next week.


We are in desperate need of magazines with people’s faces in for our art work next week. Please send in any magazines you can spare – thank you!


Maths – This week we have been developing our understanding of the x2 table by thinking about adjacent multiples. Eg 6 x 2 = 5 x 2 + 2

English – We have been looking at instructions and thinking about the features of instructions. What makes them more or less easy to follow? We have been learning to be very bossy by writing in the imperative!

PSHE – This week we have been thinking about healthy eating and learning about the different food groups. We learned about food pyramids and which food groups we should eat the most and least of.              


Year 2 reading has slightly changed this term, having successfully transitioned from Year 1 the children are now ready to have more whole class reading lessons which children have in Years 3-6.  We have split the children into 3 groups according to their needs; Miss Dowler and Miss Lapish will have one group, Mr Greenfield another group and Mr Westland a third.  The children will also bring home a colour coded book which they will change weekly –  and the children will of course continue to have a free choice from the class library too.

We are having a big focus on spelling and are sending home words for the children to practise.  


On Tuesdays:

2DL will have Music  and 2WG will have Dance, please remember to have your PE kit in school on Tuesday2WG which you will change in to at school, please remember to come in your uniform in the morning.

PE for 2WG is on Wednesday and 2DL is on Thursday.