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Ravenstone Primary School


Assemblies take place once a day throughout the week. 

- A senior leader assembly on a Monday

- A showing assembly on a Friday

- A phase and class assembly on other days

Each Friday there is a Work Assembly to which all parents are invited.

The school is split into two with one class from each year group in a different assembly , one in the middle hall and one in the lower hall. We alternate this timetable every term to allow for siblings to have the best chance to be in the same hall together at least once per year. 

Showing assembly is a chance to celebrate the fantastic work going on across the school. Classes present on a rota basis and two or three children from each class are chosen to present their work.

Within the assembly there will be a number of certificate handed out to children in each class. Each of these certificates is focused on different aspects on school life as shown below.

Values award - One child per class who has demonstrated a school value that week 

Curriculum award - One child per class who has demonstrated an area of our curriculum intent. This will either be where they have developed themselves, each other or their future.

Swimming - A swimmer of the week will be celebrated 

Arts award - One child from across the school who has demonstrated something creative will be celebrated


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WEEKLY ASSEMBLIES - Each day there is an assembly for each key stage.