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Ravenstone Primary School


Each Friday there is a Work Assembly to which all parents are invited.

The school is split into two with one class from each year group in a different assembly , one in the middle hall and one in the lower hall.

Classes present on a rota basis and two or three children from each class are chosen to present their work.

We also award 'Stars of the Week', we will publish the names of the children who have been chosen by their class teachers as 'Stars of the Week' on the Weekly Update. The children are chosen because they have impressed their teacher during the previous week. It could have been through an excellent piece of work in any subject, progress, attitude to learning or being a good friend, in fact any aspect of school life!

In addition to the class Stars, we will also publish the name of the Swimmer of the Week, one child in year 4, 5 or 6 who has impressed Sarah Austin during their lesson. Again this could be swimming a width or a length, many lengths or just through sheer perseverance.

In a 3 week cycle weeks class teachers choose one Reading Champion, one Maths Champion and one Writing Champion, this will be awarded for excellent achievement or progress in these areas.

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WEEKLY ASSEMBLIES - Each day there is an assembly for each key stage.