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Ravenstone Primary School

Bubble status 

Coronavirus Procedure – Isolating, testing and closure


When to self-isolate

You must self-isolate immediately if:

Taken directly from government guidance and update on 8th September



This procedure will take place if the following occurs:


  1. If a child or staff member in school presents with symptoms of Covid19 or if a family member of a pupil or member of staff presents with Covid19.


This amendment to our guidance includes a new ‘Red’, ‘Amber’, ‘Green’ system for each bubble within school.


Definition of Terms:



Ravenstone Primary School Covid Officer – Joe Croft.

Joe Croft retains final authority to authorize the sending home of a child showing Covid symptoms. No decision to send home a child, nor notification of a child’s parents, to take place without prior discussion with Joe Croft.


Green Bubble - Bubble operating ‘normally’.


Amber Bubble –

A precautionary status while we wait for a child’s test result to return


Red Bubble

Confirmed case of Covid within bubble.


Bubble operating in line with Ravenstone Community Pack.


Steps taken to isolate an ‘Amber’ bubble:


1.    All parents notified immediately – this email to include all relevant information but children’s names removed.



1)    Class door to remain closed as much as possible during the school day but windows left open.

2)    Children informed of the status and encourage additional hand washing and hygiene

3)    Tables and surfaces wiped down at regular points

4)    Children not to avoid crossing bubbles



1)    Cover, PPA, Leadership can continue and staff to take precautions e.g. deliver the lesson outside or teach within the classroom while maintaining a greater level of distance. Masks can be worn if the cover teacher would like

2)    Abide by the rule of 6 for meetings and training or take precautions such as training to be delivered outside, masks to be worn and socially distance maintained

3)    To be cautious when ‘mixing’ with other staff and maintain distance or wear a mask when in communal places if space is limited

4)    Interventions can take place

5)    Staff can cover lunch duty across bubbles but again take precautions




1)    Lunch arrangements to be reviewed by SLT to ensure that social distancing is maintained between bubbles.


5)    Additional cleaning resources available to staff to wipe down surfaces/handles as needed


6)    Amber signs placed on the doors of classrooms affected. 

Public Health England contacted and advice sought.

Possible closure of bubble and reversion to learning through Google Classroom.


Child / Staff Symptoms in School or child/staff living with someone displaying symptoms:

A child in school shows symptoms of Covid19 (a high fever, continuous cough or a loss or change to the sense of smell or taste) or if a child/staff member lives with someone presenting with Covid19 symptoms.

 All children in ‘Green’ bubble in which they are operating normally in line with the community pack.


  1. Child falls ill at school showing symptoms of Covid. Community pack procedures enacted and the authorization to send the child home is made by Joe Croft, designated Covid Officer.


  1. The child is sent home following Covid Community Pack Guidance.


  1. Child is immediately requested to be sent to have a Covid test.


  1. Child’s bubble is notified of being ‘Amber’. Parents of the remaining children in the bubble are notified of Amber bubble. This means stricter bubble rules are now put in place. These are outlined above. They will remain in place until the child’s test results are known (typically 24-48 hours).


  1. If Covid test is reported as negative, the bubble in question reverts to ‘Green’ status and parents informed.


  1. If the Covid test is reported at positive, Public Health England are contacted and further guidance sought. It is possible the bubble may be placed on ‘Red’ which results in the closure of the bubble.