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Ravenstone Primary School

Centre of Excellence

We are very proud of our staff development and have a number of staff members who have provided training/support at a local and national level. This level of research and support not only develops our own staff but supports other schools in becoming the best they can be. 

Here are some recent examples;

Daniel Westland

Mr Westland has been selected to become a maths mastery specialist as part of the highly successful south west maths hub 

Mr Westland now leads training opportunities, delivers mastery gallery lessons and leads a teacher research group for 6 local school. 

 Catherine Dowler

Miss Dowler is Ravenstone's deputy head and has a wide range of experience that includes leadership at a range of levels. As part of Miss Dowlers current role she is leading on a cluster partnership and mentoring is new Deputy Heads across Wandsworth. 

Joe Croft 

Mr Croft supports the Wandle learning trust and facilitates a range of courses across the teaching and learning spectrum. 

Simon Lewis 

Simon is a highly experience early years teacher who is currently one of our Nursery teachers. Simon has been commissioned by the maths hub and department of Education to facilitate a research project on maths mastery in the early years and how the use of pattern can develop early years maths teaching.