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Ravenstone Primary School

Courses and professional learning

Professional sharing at Ravenstone

·At Ravenstone we are proud of the education we offer our children and we want to share this with other professionals. ·We feel that this offer of sharing not only plays its part in helping other schools develop but also allows for us to reflect on our own provision while constantly try and improve our own school. 


·We have a mixture of opportunities that we offer. These range from training courses on a specific area or sessions where you join our staff in their development. ·All opportunities outlined in this pack are charged for but only help us to put the offer on.

The courses and learning opportunities that we offer are:

Leading through Values

Developing your curriculum

Learning about Autism

Pivotal Mapa training 

Talk for teaching

Maths mastery in the Early Years

For more information please download our leaflet here 

To book a course please email