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Ravenstone Primary School

Daily Message


Good morning to all our Reception children and families. It is another beautiful spring day and I am watching a bird build its nest outside my first floor sitting room window. It is very busy, collecting twigs and moss, dried leaves and even little bits of string and cardboard! 

Here we are at the end of our first week learning from home.  We miss you all very much and hope you are enjoying the activities and tasks we have been sending you each day.  It will take a little while to get use to this new way of learning, but we hope you are beginning to find daily routines that suits you. These may be quite different to our school timetables and different to friends and family; there is no right or wrong way.   

But children, listen to your grown-ups and work just as hard for them as you do for us!  They are your teachers too and there to help you learn.

Finally, the questions we ask at the beginning of our Maths Meetings…

If yesterday was Thursday, what day is it today?  What day will it be tomorrow?

It is easy to lose track of time when we are out of our usual routines.  I have made myself a weekly calendar and each morning I tick off the day and make a note of the weather outside.  You could do the same and decorate each week with different colours and patterns.  Keep a count of how many days we are away from school and you can tell us the grand total when we are back together.

Best wishes to you all,