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Ravenstone Primary School

Daily Message

Happy Friday Everyone,

 Miss Lapish here, bringing you your daily message. First things first – well done for completing your first week of home learning! I hope you are all enjoying spending some extra time with your families and trying to be helpful around the house (or at least not auditioning for David Walliams’ next book – The World’s Worst Children To Self Isolate With).

 My day is very boring without you all. I have started telling my housemates to line up nicely for lunch, sit up straight and they get house points for doing the washing up. I hope you are all finding slightly more fun ways to pass the time; games, puzzles, drawing, cooking, exercise and of course - your home learning!

Today we would like you to have a go at lesson 2 on White Rose ( ). It is VERY important that you learn how to split a donut into equal sized pieces. It’s a life skill.

Make some time to listen to the next chapter of David Walliams’ Elevenses ( What advice would you give their teachers? Write your advice as a set of instructions in the second person. (Writing in the second person requires use of the pronouns you, your, and yours.) Instructions should sound like commands.

 My advice for any teachers working with The World’s Worst Children:

  1. Do not lose your temper.
  2. Try to be reasonable.
  3. Make yourself a cup of tea.
  4. Lock yourself in the stationary cupboard.

Friday is also our spellings day so why not have a few games of hangman before you share that donut?

Parents - please do email us if you have any concerns about home learning. We are here to help, support and reassure you. And if all else fails – lock yourself in a cupboard for a bit.

Until next time,

Miss Lapish


Twitter: Search #writingwithrobin - Mr Westland is sharing an image each day and writing with his son Robin. Pupils, parents and teachers are all welcome to be inspired and have a go. Email efforts to or tweet @RavenstoneMaths 

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