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Ravenstone Primary School

Daily Message

Friday 27th March

Good morning.

Music plays a big part in my life.  I listen to music every day and I would be lost without it.  Today is very exciting because my favourite band is releasing new songs.  You will not have heard of the band because you are young and I am old but they have been awesome for 30 years.  They are called Pearl Jam and come from Seattle in America.  I will certainly be playing their new songs today.  What is your favourite music?  What do you love to listen to?

In yesterday's maths meeting, we looked at pattern and you could use the caterpillar worksheet to practice continuing a pattern.  Lots of you did this, as well as making your own patterns which were brilliant.  I loved the picture of the pear pear apple pattern from Zoe.

Today we have a story about Lemmings.  Lemmings are strange, furry creatures that live on cliffs.  There is a myth that they often jump off the cliff but I don't think that is true.  This is a new book that I have never read before.  Did you enjoy it?

Have a great day and I hope you listen to some music.  I certainly will be.  I might even have a dance if no one is watching.

Love you all,

Here is a picture of a lemming, a picture of Mike McCready (the lead guitar player from the band who I would love to be) and a picture of my brother at a Pearl Jam concert.  He shares my love of the band and we go all over the world to watch them,