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Ravenstone Primary School

Educational Recovery Plan

 Objective: to recognise the challenges this generation has faced and ensure that every child reaches their potential on return to onsite education. We will do this through redistribution, refocus, assess, and teach.

 Background: For the last year there has been drastic disruption to the children of this generation and it is clear that their education and learning has been greatly affected. It is also clear that those who have suffered the most are our disadvantaged children. All assessments already undertaken show that attainment of the children is considerably lower than previous years. This was before the second lockdown which has lasted almost a term.

We are no longer on a normal school cycle and cannot pretend that we are. This means that we must act now to design a school development plan and structure that meets the current context. We all must champion outcomes for all children and ensure every aspect of school resource is seamlessly working together to think in a solutions driven way and makes an impact on children’s lives.


Principle of the plan:

Refocus To simplify the SDP to be outcomes driven and remove all other projects and redesign leadership positions to provide greater capacity and support across chosen year groups.

RedistributionTo ensure that all school resources are focused at improving children’s outcome.

Assess and teachTo build in regular assessments to identify gaps in knowledge and provide timely support through Q1T, intervention and parental engagement.


 Key actions


  • Leadership positions to be updated and redefined to provide a greater level of capacity and support to Head of Phases across chosen year groups.
  • School split into upper, middle and lower school with their own priorities to be created with the aim of ensuring secure levels of attainment
  • School development plan to be rewritten and simplified to focus on levels of attainment and outcomes
  • Timetables to be revised to focus on core learning that meets the priorities for the chosen year groups
  • Leadership team positions redefined to provide the greatest level of capacity to children


  • Senior leaders roles to be focused on creating and implementing the educational recovery plan across either the upper, middle or lower area of the school with full responsibility of for children’s outcomes and staff direction.
  • Middle leaders roles to be re focused on leading the educational recovery plan in partnership with the senior leaders
  • For in school release to be reduced and staff meetings cancelled to provide time on meeting the focus on outcomes

Assess and teach

  • Post lockdown KPIs taken from the ARE booklets to create a specific focus of learning
  • For an ongoing assessment to be at the heart of teaching to allow for timely reports on children’s progress
  • Do a mass call out for volunteers from the parent body to come in, read, and do early maths with the children. Aiming for every child in EY, KS1 and below in KS2 to be read with (using big cat library) once a day. (Elaine to do this under her leadership position)
  • Regular assessment and feedback opportunities from key leaders to report progress
  • All effort and resource focused on teaching and learning
  • Parents to be informed on a regular basis the progress of their child
  • Staff to plan and deliver lessons that meet the needs of the children and focus on the KARE being learnt and understood.

Year Group Recovery Packs (including KARE statements)

Upper School (year 4, 5, 6) - Click here

Middle School (Year 1, 2, 3) - Click here

Lower School (Nursery and Reception) - Click here

Leadership structure

School leads: Responsible for the educational recovery plan and its implementation. A focus on outcomes, T+L, delivery of curriculum and quality assurance. Reporting to the Headteacher.

Head of phases: Working in partnership with the school leads to implement the educational recovery plan.

Use of Covid premium

The additional funding provided by the DFE is being used to fund additional tutoring across the school. This started in April 2021 and is continuing through the 2021/22 academic year.

Additional tutors through the NTP program

April to July 2021 - Five days a week (full time) 

September 2021 to July 2022 - Five days a week (half days)

Report can be found here