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Google Classroom Information

Dear All

Re. Google Classroom Contingency Planning

This letter outlines our plans for online learning in the event we need to close one or more of our year group bubbles at Ravenstone. Do please read it carefully as it requires parents of children in Years 1 to 6 to log their child into their new Google Classroom.

  1. Closing a Bubble: Our Contingency Plan – September 2020

We are working behind the scenes to prepare for any potential closure of a year group bubble, or indeed the whole school. Although a whole school closure at this stage seems unlikely, there is the possibility that a bubble closure could take place. In such a circumstance, the year group in question will revert to online learning. In terms of what this looks like:

  1. Early Years (Nursery and Reception classes) – if one or both bubbles close, lessons will revert to YouTube, as they did last year.
  2. Years 1 to 6 – if one, more or all bubbles close, the affected year groups will revert to online lessons provided by Google Classroom. Google Classroom is an online classroom in which the class teacher sets lessons which a child can do from home.

 Closing a Bubble: what you can do to be prepared

 In order to be prepared, we have already set up our brand-new Google Classrooms for this year. There is one Google Classroom for each Year 1 to 6 class. No work has been set within the classroom as yet, but they are established and children are welcome to join them. After careful thought, we think it would be sensible for children to join the classrooms now, so that we are prepared for any closure. That way, if a bubble closes, the teacher can quickly revert to using Google Classroom to deliver the curriculum. If your child is in Nursery or Reception, this is for information only. Lessons will revert to YouTube if either of those classes are required to close.

You have been sent - via ParentMail - your child's usernames for their Google accounts, along with the classroom codes for 2020/21, All passwords have been reset to ‘raven123’. When your child first logs in, they will be prompted to set a new password. Do please make a note of this as they will be needed each time a child logs in.  

Need Help?

If you are unsure or need further guidance, we have various sources of help:

  1. Within this pack you will find a guide for parents with step by step instructions for logging into Google Classroom.
  2. Additionally, we have also made our instructional videos available online once again. They can be accessed on this page below.
  • From Friday 2 October 2020, we are reactivating the Google Classroom Support Team, who can assist you with any technical difficulties you might face. They can be contacted at Do email us if you have any technical questions and they will get back to you as soon as we can.

 Best wishes

 Mr Benn

 Google Classroom Contingency Pack for Parents - DOWNLOAD HERE

Below are a series of videos which should help families with accessing Google Classroom:

Video 1: shows how to log in to a google account: 

 Video 2: shows how to access your child's class using a class code: 


Video 3: A look around Google Classroom:

Video 4: How to upload your work by taking a photo - PC / Laptop Version

Video 5 - Uploading a photo of your child's work on a phone - Android Version

Video 6 - Uploading a photo of your child's work on a phone - iPhone Version