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Ravenstone Primary School

Google Classroom Guidance

Thursday 23 April 2020

Dear Parents/Carers


As we move into a longer period of closure, we have taken the decision to move forward our Home Learning. The home learning sheets have been a success, but we have other options to support the teaching of your child from home. As a result, we have decided to make a move to a ‘virtual classroom’, provided by Google Classroom. This pack outlined some more information about Google Classroom, as well as a how-to guide to support you and your child with accessing it.

In essence, Google Classroom will allow us to replicate a real classroom. This will allow your child to work on lessons created by their class teacher, submit their work to the class teacher and also share messages with other members of the class. It is our best option for continuing the education of your child whilst they are not actually in school.

Alongside this, we have refined our approach to using Google Classroom. This is outlined further on in the pack as well, but can be defined as a Teach Do model. Through this, each lesson set on Google Classroom will involve an element of direct ‘teaching’ from the class teacher and then a piece of work which the child will ‘do’. The two aspects work together and should form a self-contained lesson in each case.

Obviously, this model will never quite replicate the interaction and enjoyment of a real classroom, but in these strange times, it is the best option we have. 

 Within this section of the website, you will find a range of documents which should provide enough guidance for you to access Google Classroom. This includes:

  • A FAQ guidance document.
  • A how-to guide to accessing Google Classroom.
  • A list of the Google Classrooms which have been established in the ‘class codes’ which are needed to access them.

 You will also find a list of usernames and passwords for your child’s class. Please only allow your child to access Google Classroom using their username.

 As with anything of this nature, there will inevitably be teething issues and difficulties with technology. As a result, we have created a support email address: This email address can be used to pose any technical questions relating to logging in or accessing their classrooms. We will respond as quickly as we can to these.

 Best wishes

Ravenstone Primary School