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Ravenstone Primary School



Our Local Academy Committee (LAC) has the following core functions of governance, in line with the Wandle Learning Trust Scheme of Delegation

  • Provide strategic oversight of the education provision of the school.
  • Ensure the stakeholder voice is heard and helps to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Provide strategic oversight of compliance of the school with Trust policies.
  • Support the Trust Board to ensure good governance across the Trust. 


Local Academy Committees provide challenge and support to Academy Leadership Teams as the Academy implements policies and improvement plan priorities.

Academy Leadership Teams manage the day-to-day business of the individual academy under the oversight of the Executive Team, with challenge and support from their Local Academy Committee.

The LAC met twice a term during the autumn, spring and summer terms.  Within the LAC there are key link role holders for:

  • Safeguarding
  • SEND, inclusion and equalities
  • People and stakeholder management
  • Premises and health and safety

Link role holders meet with relevant school leaders to monitor their area and also attend specific training for their role and meet at least annually with other link role holders and a trustee link role holder to share ideas and best practice and ensure communication flows between LAC members and Trustees.

Governance Impact Statement

Please click here to read our Governance Impact Statement and discover more about Local Academy Committee impact over the past year 

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Meet the Local Academy Committee

To find out who our LAC members are please click here

Governance within the Wandle Learning Trust

To find out more about governance within Wandle Learning Trust, please click here

If you wish to contact the Chair of the LAC or the governance team, please email: