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Ravenstone Primary School

Headteachers Welcome

A message from the Headteacher


Ravenstone is a fantastic school. Every child that steps through the gates is welcomed into an aspirational, creative community that focuses on allowing children to flourish as confident individuals and reach their potential academically.

As a Headteacher I passionately believe that we can allow our children to experience a wide range of creative enrichment opportunities and develop as confident, caring individuals who also excel academically. It is this mixture that makes Ravenstone so special. We will not sacrifice either of these elements.

We do everything we can to provide our pupils with the skill set to challenge the norm and become successful. Our curriculum is tailored towards the needs of the pupils and ranges from high quality dance and music lessons, swimming in year 4,5 and 6 as well as debating clubs, a mastery approach to the core subjects and importantly a PSHE scheme of work

We do everything we can to provide our pupils with the skill set to challenge the norm and become successful!

that teaches our pupils to be safe, astute and add to the world that they are growing up in.

I believe that the success of a school is down to its teachers and I am proud to say that everything we focus on and do is to develop as professionals and deliver the best possible education for every child in our school. We constantly strive to improve and introduce initiatives that will inspire every pupil to achieve and become motivated individuals who can succeed in their futures.

We work closely with parents as we believe that educating your child is a joint effort between home and school. We will involve you fully in what your child is studying, how they are performing and targets for further progress. I am incredibly proud of our exceptionally talented staff that will get the very best out of your child.

If you are joining Ravenstone, I look forward to welcoming you, if you are already with us, my door is always open and if you are an ex pupil; I want to hear of your successes.

Please do get in touch if I can help in any way possible.

Joe Croft | Headteacher