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Ravenstone Primary School

Temple Grandin class review

Week ending: 4th December 2020


Weekly Review:


It has been an extra special week in the Hive! We had our space theme day on Thursday to end our topic on space. We had an opportunity to dress up, and we had all different costumes: astronauts, aliens, engineers, lab technicians, and Buzz Lightyears! We had a great day with lots of activities: space exploration, marbling planets, collecting moon rocks, and making aliens. Some photos are available on our Twitter account: @RavenstoneHive  




In English we finished our book “Man on the Moon”, and we wrote a story about the alien that we created. We called our story “A Day in the Life of ___”. We used our creativity to make up a funny ending to our stories. Children have brought the stories home so they are can read them to you, and show you the alien they created using plasticine!



In Maths we used addition and subtraction of number bonds to find related facts using 2-digit numbers. For example, we know that 3+2=5, so we can work out that 30+20=50. We used the vocabulary to notice what is the same and what is different between numbers and calculations. ‘Tens’ and ‘ones’ were used to help understand this concept, and to see the relationship between number bonds and related facts (e.g. 3 tens + 2 tens = 5 tens).



This week as part of our health and hygiene topic we learned about our body, and the names of the parts of our bodies.

Take Home books:

Books sent home on Tuesday and Friday. Please continue to read with your child and write comments in the reading record book.


We have been encouraging children to read from different sources, and we had a discussion about newspapers. If you see an interesting article in the newspaper that you would like to share, cut it out and bring it in for our news board!



Sign off:

Have a lovely weekend!