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Ravenstone Primary School

Temple Grandin class review

Week ending: 20th November 2020


Weekly Review:


The week has gone by very quickly once again in Temple Grandin class! We have been working very hard and having fun, and I am very proud of h0w determined each child has been this week. We have still been reminding ourselves, at times, that it is ok to make mistakes because mistakes help use learn. But sometimes we need to practise this skill, and remember that is is good exercise for our brain to make mistakes! 



In English we have continued reading "Man on the Moon". We imagined what places in London our alien might want to visit. We described the setting, putting ourselves in the mind of the alien visiting the place for the first time. Then, we imagined what it would like to visit the moon, and we wrote postcards from the moon! 



In Maths we learnt to compare number sentences. We encouraged children to examine number sentences and find missing values using structure rather than calculation. Using numbers within 20 to explore mathematical relationships will give them confidence and allow them to spot patterns because they are working within the context of familiar numbers. We used symbols <,> and =. 



This week's lesson was about healthy bodies and like last week we focused on peronal hygiene routines. We learnt in detail about how to brush our teeth. 

Take Home books:

Books sent home on Tuesday and Friday. Please continue to read with your child and write comments in the reading record book.


Monday – Music

Thursday – Italian

Thursday – Parents evening (scheduled times on zoom)

Friday – PE

If you have any empty yogurt pots or egg cartons please send them in to make pods for our fairground wheels in DT. 

Sign off:

Have a lovely weekend!