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Useful Links

Ravenstone Primary School

Isolating and remote learning

The purpose of this document is to highlight what we are offering and our plan for two different circumstances. The first being if an individual child is isolating or not able to attend school. This is in section 1. In section 2, we outline our approach to if we have to close a bubble or the school.  

Section 1 - RE. Covid Isolation Home Learning

 Some recommended Home Learning websites include:



Oak National Academy -

Oak National Academy is an online classroom made by teachers, for teachers and children. Their free, high-quality video lessons and resources are available throughout 2020/21. 


BBC Daily Lessons -


These BBC lessons were available throughout the summer, and have been renewed for the autumn term. Do please follow the links and you have plenty of lessons available which cover the entire curriculum.


Wandle English Hub - Daily phonics

Daily letters and sounds phonics lessons that follow the same approach that we use at Ravenstone.


Additionally, your child has access through the school to a range of online learning tools. These include:

  1. Purple Mash - this website contains a wealth of different curriculum subjects and activities and games that can be played.
  2. Times Table Rockstars - This is an excellent maths resource for learning a range of arithmetic methods. 
  • Google Classroom - lessons from last summer. These are still available. 


It is our hope that your child will be able to gather enough work from these two websites. If your child does not know the account details for the websites above, please email the office who can provide guidance for you.


An overview of arrangements for online teaching in the event of a full bubble closure (in which a class or more of children will be asked to stay away from school) is detailed in the next section


Section 2 - Re. Educational provision after the closure of a bubble


This flow chart follows our new guidance on reporting Covid symptoms to school. This letter outlines the steps we would take to ensure a continuation of your child’s education were we required to close one of our bubbles. Needless to say, it is our sincere hope that this is not necessary but we have done some contingency planning in case of this scenario.


Our plan is outlined below:


Day of closure: If we get a notification from Public Health England that requires us to close a bubble (or, in worst case scenario, the school), we would notify all parents that children have to stay at home for a defined period of time – the length of time would be confirmed at the time.

Day 1: On the first full day of closure, children will be provided with an activity pack by their class teacher. This will be sent via ParentMail and be available for 9am that day. This pack includes a range of activities relating to our curriculum.

Day 1: If your child is in Years 1 to 6, you will also receive a Google Classroom pack the same day with information about logging into your child’s Google account and accessing their new 2020/21 Google Classroom. Class codes are used to access the new classrooms and these will be shared with parents. Support from school would also be available throughout this day in order to assist with setting up children within the new Google Classrooms. This would be particularly relevant to children in Year 1 who may not have used Google Classroom last summer. 

Day 2: On the second full day of closure, lessons would revert to Google Classroom as they did during the summer term, and these would constitute three lessons a day created by your child’s class teachers. If your child is in Nursery or Reception, this would revert to sessions on YouTube as per our model last year. 

This model would continue each day until it was deemed safe for children to return to school.


If you have any further questions, please contact the school office, myself or your child’s class teacher.


Yours sincerely 


Mr Croft – Headteacher and Mr Benn – Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum and remote learning lead)