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Ravenstone Primary School


Saturday Night Karate Grading Takes Over Ravenstone Primary School

Hello my name is Sachin and I am a Year 6 pupil at Ravenstone.  I am going to  tell you some exciting news about a Ravenstone after school club!    Last Saturday 24th of November 2018, I successfully completed my red belt in karate grading.


Karate grading is when the white belts go for their red belts and the red belts go for their yellow belts.  Every week some of the pupils are taught karate by Sensei James, who is the highest belt of all…. the black belt.

There were a lot of children from different schools in Wandsworth, including Riversdale and Sheringdale in Southfields. The most notable child from Ravenstone was Alex Walsh, the head boy, who was trying for his yellow belt. Also there was my little brother who was going for his yellow belt, so yes,  better than me!

It was good because you got to meet other children from other schools and for a minute or two everyone celebrated you while you went up to accept your belt and your grade .

If you want to come to Omoiyari karate here are some things that might tempt you; the karate teacher Sensei James is very experienced and has won national championships twice. He has a good sense of humour and makes everyone feel good about themselves.   Everyone is from Ravenstone so there will be no one you don’t know doing karate.

Thank you for reading my karate grading page; If you consider joining you can do grading in no time!