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Ravenstone Primary School


Nursery Weekly Review

Week ending 18th October 2019

It seems to have gone fast but we have reached our first milestone; our first break.  The 7 week's since the start of the year has flown past.


Your children are amazing artists.  On the making table, we made handprint pictures.  We also made frames to go around the pictures.  The children did really well to follow the instructions whilst also be creative and individualistic.  These are now in their learning journies which they get to keep at the end of their time in the nursery.

They also used their own creativity both inside and outside the classrooms to make patterns, collages, models and countless other creations.


The children were using their curiosity around the nursery this week.  Whether it is wondering where bubbles come from, why some towers fall and others don't or how to recreate a reflection, the world around them is endlessly intriguing.


Have a great break, recharge your batteries and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 29th October.

The Nursery Team