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Nursery Weekly Review

Week ending 24th September 2021

It was definitely an outside week with the autumn sun making it a great place to be.  The children are settling really well, separating from parents with a smile on their face, running in and finding things to do.


Inside, we have started to think about being creative, especially drawing ourselves. We have been thinking how to draw our faces, what we should include and how it should look. We have also been examining our faces using mirrors. This has helped us paint our portraits for a display in the corridor outside nursery. We can’t wait to see it finished next week.

Whole class activites
Each day, the class sits-down together for a short activity. This usually happens twice in the morning and once after lunch. This is usually 5 to 10 minutes long and can be a story, some singing, a discussion, drawing on whiteboards or Circle Time. The children are already getting used to this and their listening skills are improving each day.

Snails and spiders
The children have loved finder mini-beasts this week. There are many snails in the lower garden and we found a huge beautiful spider’s web near the classroom door. The children have been fascinated.

In class, we have been looking at patterns. Repeating two-colour patterns are a great mathematic activity for children to have a go at. It helps them to see the structure and order in the world which is basically what maths is.

We love to watch the friendships begin to form in the first term at Nursery. Some happen quickly and some take time but as the children’s confidence grows, so does their ability to play with others and find common interests. It is lovely to see.


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Have a lovely weekend, lots of sleep and relaxation and we will see you on Monday.

Simon, Angie and Bea ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Monday 27th September - The Big Ravenstone Welcome, 3:20 on the playground
Tuesday 12th October - School photos