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Ravenstone Primary School


Nursery Weekly Review

Friday 25th September 2020

As I write this, the rain is falling and it feels very much like autumn but for most of the week, we have really enjoyed some late sun and spending lots and lots of time in the outside area.  The children always love being outside and especially love the water pump and the climbing.  We have some really brave children this year who are helping the less-confident climbers.

Inside, our morning 9am carpet session has started to settle down into a routine.  The children are now sitting down without being asked after they have found their name.  We then look at the snack we have that day ("We do have b b b ...... bananas") which helps with initial phonics, then we look at the days of the week and hold up 7 fingers.  Next we have the number of the day, a colour and then our feelings.  On the whole, the children focus for the 10 minutes and are engaged with the session which is great for week 3 for school.

We have also learnt a great new song.  The crocodile song is great fun but also teaches the child to internalise then unsung parts (known as audiation) which is an important developmental skill.

On the art table, we have been painting portraits for a display at school.  We took lots of time with each child to look in the mirror and think about skin colour, eye colour, hair and all the different elements that make up a face.  The children have been amazing and come up with some wonderful likenesses.  We are looking at ways of putting their artwork online so you can all see them.

As is gets colder and the children come in wearing more clothes, please make sure they are all labelled.  It really helps.  Thanks.

Thank you to those parents who have given us the weekly £1 voluntary contribution.  It really helps us to buy the items we use regularly like the ingredients for our playdough which we make from scratch each week.  If you would like to pay for several weeks, it is £7 for the half term, £14 for the term or £37 for the whole year.   Just see Bea, Angie or Simon in the mornings. Thanks.

Take care and have a lovely, restful weekend,
Simon, Angie and Bea

Inset day - 23rd October
Half term - 26th to 30th October
Early Years Christmas show - 9th and 10th December