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Ravenstone Primary School

PSHE and rSE

Ravenstone's RSE and PSHE (personal, social and health education) and Growth books

Please find attached the policy for Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education Policy

At Ravenstone we are preparing our children for the future.

We believe that providing the best possible education for our children includes activities, lessons, experiences, discussions and projects that will prepare pupils to be able to thrive when they are adults.

The growth books the children undertake at Ravenstone will enable our children to understand what is right and wrong, to teach them how to stay safe in the world, to be able to show kindness to others while challenging discrimination and inequality. The ultimate aim is to ensure our children grow up to be able to contribute to society while becoming good co workers, friends, partners and parents themselves.

Ravenstone's PSHE curriculum

During Key Stages 1 and 2, learners gradually build on the skills, attitudes and values, knowledge and understanding they have started to acquire and develop during the Early Years/Foundation Stage.

Ravenstone's PSHE/RSE education offers learning opportunities and experiences which reflect the increasing independence and physical and social awareness of learners as they move through the school. They learn skills to develop effective relationships, assume greater personal responsibility and keep themselves safe. Our PSHE/RSE curriculum assists pupils to cope with the changes at puberty, introduces them to a wider world and enables them to make an active contribution to their communities and in turn, prepares them to be able to succeed in the future.

Growth books:

Every child will be given their growth book from year 1 and it will travel with them throughout their time at the school.

The books will be decorated with pictures from the child's home life; this could include baby pictures, family trips, hobbies or experiences that have stuck with them. The books themselves will be used to store a range of different lessons that the child will experience throughout their time at Ravenstone. Some examples are as followed;

Any work that is recorded from the weekly PSHE lesson (taken from the PSHE association scheme of work)
Any reflection opportunities such a piece of work around a trip recently taken place or sports day etc
Anything the child is particularly proud of or has achieved outside of school
Any notes or achievements the teacher is proud of and wants to record as personal/social development of the child

Department of Education RSE Statutory Guidance:

Government Guidance

KAPOW Programme of Study (from which our lesson learning objectives are taken)

Programme of Study - Long term planning 

Programme of study - Weekly lesson breakdown

RSE School Policy and Handbook

RSE Policy and Handbook

Sex Education lessons that can be opted out of

As per out policy there are two Sex Education lessons that can be opted out of by parents (please see policy for full guidance) and these lessons are within year 6. 

We will write to year 6 parents during the Autumn term and inform them of the date of the lessons below and as to how opting out can be done.

Lesson 5

Conception (parents/carers have the right to withdraw their child from this lesson)


(vocabulary: sperm, egg, erection, fertilise, conception, sexual intercourse)


Lesson 6

Pregnancy and birth (parents/carers have the right to withdraw their child from this lesson)


(vocabulary: sperm, egg, erection, fertilise, conception, sexual intercourse, relationship, pregnancy, commitment, baby, love, care)