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Ravenstone Primary School

Reception Weekly Review

Week ending Friday 25th September 2020

Autumn has definitely arrived, we have enjoyed continuing to learn inside and outside this week.

In Maths we have been investigating patterns and have begun to debug (identify and correct) mistakes in our pattern strings. We also started to look at different rules for the unit of repeat, like animal kinds, number and colour.

In Literacy we have continued to enjoy reading the story of The Everywhere Bear. Strangely enough our own class bears also went missing this week. The children have created ‘Missing Bear’ posters for us to put around the school. Hopefully they will both be found and will start going on adventures with the class families from next Friday (to be returned the following Monday).

We hope that you have been enjoying your daily reading sessions with the children. What we have been trying to do with the children this week and next week is model how to develop a story using our imagination. By using a picture book we can see how much comprehension skills the children have and how embedded their foundation reading skills are. Some children come in sight reading or fully blending but may not have fully embraced the importance and value of reading for pleasure. So for the first two weeks, these sessions will be developing those core skills.

With a book that has limited text, you can develop your own story, making up names for your characters and changing story setting and plot. Encouraging the children to use expression and talk about why certain things might have happened and other predictions might be unrealistic following the story so far. These sessions are so valuable to ensure that children don’t just sound out and blend through phonic books but engage with the narrative. We want the children to develop a love of language and an excitement for reading.

Important Notes:

Our drop off window is now 8.30 – 8.45am.  Our first teaching session starts at 8.45am promptly. 

Each classroom gate will be shut at 8.45am and latecomers will need to go around to the front of the school for their child to be let in.

Please remember that the school is providing snack each day. We ask that NO snacks are brought in from home to eat during the day.  If they have snack in their bag for after school, please make sure to remind your child that it is not for the classroom.

Lastly, the whole Reception team would be so grateful if we could all work together to try and help the children be more independent. This includes, carrying their own bag into school and having a go at dressing themselves at home and after PE.

We know that sometimes it is easier to help them. However, in the long run the benefits that come from gaining more independence will be extremely confident children with a ‘can do’ Dorothy Determined attitude. Many thanks!

Best wishes,

Cassandra, Isobel, Carole and Tara 



Please note that for this half term...,

As soon as possible, our Friday Showing Assemblies will resume and the Reception children will start to attend.  On alternate weeks, some of them will show work they have done during the week.  For the moment parents are not allowed to attend but are always very welcome to watch the assemblies on Youtube as it will be recorded weekly. 


The weather is very unpredictable so the children need to come in with clothing appropriate to the day (eg coats if its going to be chilly and rain coats if it's going to rain).  Just to reassure you, as the days grow colder we will always send the children out to play with their coats on and done up. However, they do not always keep them on!


The two classes have PE weekly throughout the year.  Dance and Music lessons alternate each half term.

RM:  This half term Isobel's class will have PE  and Dance on Tuesdays (so the children need to wear their PE kits on that day).

RA:  This half term Cassandra's class will have Music on Tuesdays and PE on Wednesdays (so the children only need to wear their PE kits on Wednedays).

On PE and Dance days, please send your child in wearing their kit (t-shirt, jogging bottoms/leggings and wearing trainers), with their uniforms in a bag to change into afterwards.  

Shoes: Please can we remind you that shoes or trainers with lights are not allowed. 

The Everywhere Bear:  If your child brings home the class bear for the weekend, it needs to come back to school on Monday.

Home Learning Books:   (homework) This will start after the Autumn half term and will be sent home on Friday and should be returned on Tuesday.  

Take Home Reading Books:   need to be returned on your child's allocated reading day (information to follow)

Library Books:   need to be returned by Thursday as our library sessions will be on Thursday mornings.

Many thanks and best wishes,

The Reception Team.

Information and On-going Updates: 

Please remember to clearly label every item of clothing your child wears to school particularly hats, scarves and gloves as the weather gets colder. Please make sure that every item of clothing that comes into school is named, so that they are less likely to get lost.

Class Names
The classes will be called by different names. They will either be R for Reception and the first letter of the teachers’ surname and/or they will be called by the classes’ significant person.

Significant Person:

Isobel's class is RM or Kahlo Class after the artist Frida Kahlo

Cassandra's class is RA or Parks Class after the activist Rosa Parks


Children can now  bring in a designated book bag. This is so the children can take home books to share from the class library. This should be empty except for reading books and home learning books to ensure that there is a reduced chance of books being damaged. Your child will have the opportunity to take home a different storybook from the classroom every day if they have their book bag.

Take Home Reading Books:
Take Home Reading Books are the levelled reading books that children will be issued with. They will be collected and issued on your child's allocated day. If these books are damaged or lost you will be sent a letter asking for you to provide money to replace them.

Home Learning Books: (Starting Autumn 2 -after October Half Term)
These have information about what we have done during the week and some optional tasks to complete over the weekend. These books will be sent out on Friday and will be collected in on the following Tuesday.

Ravenstone Entitlement:
External trips and internal visits are currently suspended, we will hopefully be able to re-instate these soon. 

Reception Fund:
We also ask for your support in contributing £1 per week to the Reception Fund. This enables us to buy a few extras eg food for our class cooks and ingredients for making playdough, to support your children’s learning. If you are able to contribute, you can do this weekly (£1), half-termly (£7, £7, £6, £6, £5 & £7) or for the entire year (£38). We thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

Water Bottles & Snack:
Thank you to the parents who have provided their child with a labelled water bottle as this helps to develop their independence. You do not need to provide your child with a snack for during the school day as we provide them with either fruit or vegetable.

Start & End of the day:
Please remember to stay on the outside of the gate at the start and the end of the day. This is to support your child's developing their independence and for children’s safety. Please remember that at the start of the day our main focus is the children and we will not be able to have time to have an extended conversation.

The best place to find out information is on the website. We update the Reception section every week and include a synopsis of the week and a preview of the week to come. All information about dates can be found on the calendar.

Again, if there is anything that you would like to check or questions you would like to ask, please don't hesitate to contact the class teachers via email: