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Ravenstone Primary School

Rec Weekly Review


Literacy: The children worked in groups to act out their improved and alternative versions of The Enormous Turnip story. It was a lot of fun and we were delighted with the imaginative and creative versions of the story that the children invented. Cally Creative would have been proud!

Maths: Our Monster Maths task was for the children to use a wide range of two-dimensional shapes to create a picture, for example a rocket or a house. The focus was on naming the shapes and talking about their properties to explain choices. For example, “I used the triangle because it has three corners and three sides and it made a good hat".

PSHE: This week in Circle Time, we focused on resolving peer disputes and linked our discussions to all of the Values characters. 


Next week we the focus will be on rehearsals for the Christmas Show. Each day we will be practising our songs and dances on the stage and we have full dress rehearsals for the rest of the school on Thursday and Friday. It is getting very exciting!

In literacy we will be drawing on the skills and knowledge we have learnt so far to form words, phrases and sentences using a range of resources, including pencils, magnetic letters, dry wipe boards etc. In Maths we will be focusing on building with and naming three-dimensional shapes.

P.E. and Dance are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. The children do not need to change for this but we would appreciate it if they could come to school wearing plimsolls or trainers on these days.

We hope we managed to answer all your questions but please feel free to email us if there is something we missed. 

We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all at Ravensnow on Saturday.

Best wishes 

The Reception Team.