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Ravenstone Primary School

Reception Weekly Review

Where has that half term gone? The first seven weeks of Reception have just flown by and the children have continued to show us how well they have settled into Ravenstone.

We finished our Food topic by finally reading the entire story and talking about our opinions about the book. We have even managed to squeeze in some instruction writing about the different steps to making biscuit bears, which you could try at home!

Our Maths this week focused on ordering numbers either in groups of objects, Cuisenaire, Numicon or numeral representations. We also looked at numbers in a ten frame.

In Circle time we talked about how we feel at school and why we have these feelings.

We would like to thank everyone for labelling items of clothing. Being able to identify all those that do go astray is incredibly helpful to us and the children. It would be incredibly helpful if you could attach an identifiable keyring onto your child's book bag to help them identify it. Please also ensure that water bottles are not being placed in book bags as we have had some books damaged by leaks.

Thank you again to the parents who have been able to contribute to the weekly £1 fund.

Next half term will see us focusing on the vast collection of Julia Donaldson books, We know that you will want to support your children but please will you refrain from reading 'The Everywhere Bear' and 'Paper Dolls' as  in order for our teaching sequence to work effectively we ‘keep back’ the entire text from the children initially, including the cover of the book and title. The story then unfolds slowly and it is best for the children not to know the ending as we stop at different points within the story to make predictions.  If you wish to support your child please read any other book by Julia Donaldson.  This half term will be incredibly busy as we will be preparing for our end of term production and the children will be going on their 'Ravenstone Entitlement' trip to see a production of 'Paper Dolls'.  A letter about this trip will be coming out in the first few weeks back.

Have a great week and we will see you all on Tuesday 29th October.

The Reception Team.


Class Names
The classes will be called by different names. They will either be R for Reception and the first letter of the teachers’ surname or they will be called by the classes’ significant person.

Teacher Names Significant Person
Jack RD or Ada Class Ada Lovelace
Elaine & Isobel RFM or Kahlo Class Frida Kahlo

On the days that children need their PE kits please send them in wearing their kits with their school uniform in a bag. If you leave your child’s PE kit at school by mistake we will, of course, help them get changed, but to maximise the time the children have with the specialist teachers we would really appreciate them coming in their kit. The classes need them on different days, they are as follows:
RFM - Monday and Tuesday
RD - Tuesday and Wednesday
Please make sure that every item of clothing that comes into school is named, so that they are less likely to get lost.

Children need to bring in a designated book bag. This is so the children can take home books to share. This should be empty except for reading books and home learning books to ensure that there is a reduced chance of books being damaged. Your child will have the opportunity to take home a different storybook from the classroom every day if they have their book bag.

Take Home Books
Take Home Books are the levelled reading books that children will be issued with. They will be collected and issued on Tuesdays. If these books are damaged or lost you will be sent a letter asking for you to provide money to replace them.

Home Learning Books
We will start sending out our Home Learning Books next week. These will have information about what we have done during the week and some optional tasks to complete over the weekend. These books will be sent out on Friday and will be collected in on the following Tuesday.

Ravenstone Entitlement
In this week’s newsletter, you can learn about the Ravenstone Entitlement costs and opportunities, this is the money used for school to pay for our trips and internal visitors. Our first trip will be near Christmas when we are going to The Studio at Wimbledon Theatre, to keep the cost of this trip down we will be going by public transport and have only paid for staff tickets. This means that any parent willing and able to support will have to pay for their transport and ticket, but more information will come out nearer the date of the trip. The dates of the trips are (RD) Friday 13th December (RFM) 17th December.

Reception Fund
We also ask for your support in contributing £1 per week to the Reception Fund. This enables us to buy food for our class cooks and making playdough to support your children’s learning. If you can contribute this you can do this weekly (£1), half-termly (£7, £7, £6, £6, £5 & £7) or for the entire year (£38). We thank you in advance for your assistance.

Water Bottles & Snack
Thank you to the parents who have provided their child with a labelled water bottle as this helps to develop their independence. You do not need to provide your child with a snack for during the school day as we provide them with either fruit or vegetable.

Start & End of the day
Please remember to stay on the outside of the gate at the start and the end of the day. This is to support your child's developing their independence and for children’s safety. Please remember that at the start of the day our main focus is the children and we will not be able to have time to have an extended conversation.

Parent Workshops
Over the year we will be running sessions to support you when helping your child at home. These sessions will be open to everyone and can be found in the newsletter and on the website.

The best place to find out information is on the website. We update the Reception section every week and include a synopsis of the week and a preview of the week to come. All information about dates can be found on the calendar.

The children will not be attending Friday celebration assemblies during the first half term of the school year. We know that this can be a traumatic experience before the children have settled so will spend this time in class. Once the children have settled we will start to attend these assemblies and will start showing work after the October half term.

If there is anything that you would like to check please don't hesitate to contact your class’ teacher.