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Reception Weekly Review

Friday 15th July 2022
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Weekly Review

 Happy Friday!


 Our last Friday of Reception! 


We have had quite a busy week this week, with myself being absent for three days and the team being quite short, the children have done so well considering! We had a look at what our wishes were for Year 1 and what we hope happens in Year 1. We discussed the fact that Year 1 is just like reception where there are two classrooms and a middle room where the children can take part in learning through play. We also discussed next year and how we can still be friends with the children in the other class and that we will see them all of the time. We spoke about what we could do to help these friendships grow and we came up with things like playdates, 'meeting at the water fountain', giving a thumbs up to each other, playing in the middle room together, showing our friend our new classroom and so much more! 

In maths this week, we looked at odd and even numbers and the children have grasped this concept so well. They enjoy applying this concept to things like a number line or anything they can see around our learning environment!


In English this week, we have been assessing phonics for the final time. We were blown away by how many children have begun sight reading and are able to chunk up really long words! 


The children have loved the construction and water area during this very sunny week. Their imagination has run wild building all sorts of contraptions and vehicles! 


Thank you for your support, as always, and we hope you have a lovely weekend in the sunshine- stay safe! 


Next week, please send your child in with sun-cream already on if you have some!

  The Reception Team

Important Dates:
Last day of summer term

Thursday 21st July, 2pm