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Ravenstone Primary School


Ravenstone Primary School is set in the heart of Balham and prides itself on the development of the individual by promoting a sense of curiosity and excitement about the world.

Every child that steps through the gates of Ravenstone is welcomed into an aspirational, creative community that focuses on allowing children to flourish as confident individuals while building an understanding of the world while reaching their academic potential.

We passionately believe that we can allow our children to experience a wide range of creative enrichment opportunities and develop as confident, caring individuals who excel academically. It is this mixture that makes Ravenstone so special.

As a school we pride ourselves on a fantastic early year’s provision. We believe that if we ensure children have the best possible foundations they will thrive as they move through the school.

This means that every child in Reception gets that little extra special attention. Each class gets two dance lesson, music, language and PE lessons every week. This is on top of the engaging curriculum that our highly trained and experienced teachers offer the children.

Our Reception Offer 

There are places for 60 children in the Reception, which they can enter in the September after their fourth birthday.

We have two Reception classes that have complete access to the whole school. This includes the library, halls, mobile technology (30 iPads, laptops and chrome books), music hut, amazing outdoor spaces and the middle creative classroom.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our teachers and support staff and within the Reception team there will be two teachers, two nursery nurses and one teaching assistant. This will be supported by the senior leadership team of the whole school.

The principles of our Reception

Our Reception is based on three principles that are outlined below

Enjoyment - We all learn better when we are happy, so it is a key goal in Reception to help each child feel valued and able to feel respected as an individual, to feel part of a class, a year group and a school.

Creativity - Our approach to learning develops creativity by offering interesting, challenging and fun opportunities to all children.  Whether it is something they already love or something they had yet to explore, we aim to use and develop their creativity to underpin their learning.

Independent Learning - By helping your children develop a strong sense of belief and an ability to overcome adversity, we aim to instil strong characteristics of learning that will hold them in good stead throughout their time at Ravenstone and beyond.

These three areas underpin the curriculum starting with a focus on the early learning goals that include reading, writing, speaking and listening and maths. This will be alongside a curriculum that promotes social development, behaviour, singing, art, storytelling, dance, communication, imagination, computing, music, physical activity (fine and gross motor skills) and performing.

Applications for places

Applications for our school are completed via Wandsworth admissions however we will support you through it all. Please contact us and ask any questions. We are here to help.

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Once accepted to join Ravenstone

Once you have accepted your place to join Ravenstone we will write to you to welcome you to the community.

Within this letter we will invite you to an Induction Evening when you will be given the opportunity to meet the Leadership and Reception teams.  You will be told which class your child will be in and be able to sign up for your 1:1 meeting with the class teacher in September.  

Once you have accepted a place at Ravenstone you are part of the community and we will work together to ensure your child has the most fantastic primary experience.