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Ravenstone Primary School


The Board of Governors and staff at Ravenstone are fully committed to safeguarding all of the children in the school community.

We believe that our school should provide a safe, caring, positive, and stimulating environment in which pupils can learn and which promotes the social, physical andemotional wellbeing of each individual pupil.

Parents and carers expect the school to provide a safe, secure and caring environment in which their children can flourish and the school recognises its legal and moral duty to promote the well-being of children, protect them from harm, and respond to child abuse.

At Ravenstone we will raise Safeguarding and Child Protection concerns with parents / carers at the earliest appropriate opportunity and ensure that all staff are given appropriate training in safeguarding and Child Protection issues, as recommended in the guidance.


Key staff and governors have been trained in safer recruitment and all adults who work with children must have Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) clearance.

Designated members of staff will be released to receive regular enhanced training to enable them to carry out their roles effectively. We also have published clear Safeguarding Principles that set out the expectations for staff, volunteers and governors at our school.

Key Personnel:

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Joe Croft, Headteacher

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

Catherine Dowler, Deputy Headteacher

Melanie Bell, Assistant Headteacher

James Benn, Assistant Headteacher

Teleri Pitts, Assistant Headteacher

The designated Governor who acts as a link between the DSL and the Governing Body is Sue Pidgeon.

Role of the safeguarding lead


As a self reviewing and evaluating school the Leadership Team went through a safeguarding 'Audit of Practice' by the Local Authority in July 2018.

The Local Authority carried out a comprehensive review of the systems and procedures we have in place at Ravenstone Primary School and interviewed the Leadership Team. The summary comments were:

... the school has undertaken regular audits of safeguarding practice to ensure that the practice across the school is robust and to ensure any issues requiring action / additional training are identified. The most recent audit was undertaken on 2nd July 2018 and showed good practice across the different elements of safeguarding. Particular strengths related to training; staff feeling able to raise to concerns and knowing who to go to; good communication and a timely response to concerns.

We are very proud of the outcome of this Local Authority review as it demonstrates how seriously we take all issues relating to safeguarding of the members of our school community.

Policies relating to Safeguarding:

Safeguarding/Child Protection Policy