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Ravenstone Primary School

School Day

As a whole school we take an approach that our school day should suits the needs of the children. This has led to personalised timetables for each phase of the school.

And we have spent a lot of time deciding how best to use the time we have with the children in the best possible way to allow them to reach their potential. 

The main decision made was that every year group/phase will look different. This is because children in the early years will have a very different set of needs than those in upper key stage 2.

You will notice that the whole school operates a soft opening system where children will be allowed to enter the school from 8:35 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and from 8:40 on Monday and Friday.  The soft opening means that all children will be able to make their way up to class where the teachers will be waiting with activities for them to start straight away.

Wrap around care - Our school day can start at 7:30 and can end at 6:15 (more information can be found here

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