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Ravenstone Primary School

School Day

As a whole school we take an approach that our school day should suits the needs of the children. This has led to personalised timetables for each phase of the school.

And we have spent a lot of time deciding how best to use the time we have with the children in the best possible way to allow them to reach their potential. 

September 2021/22 update - post Covid arrangements 

As Covid restrictions end, we have adopted the current plan for drop off and collection times for the next academic year. 

Over the past year, we have found some procedures to be beneficial as it allows us to focus on welcoming and dismissing children in a safe way. Because of this, we have tried to incorporate some of these into how we operate next year. 


There will be no red zone in the mornings. Parents/carers can walk through the playground and drop their children at their year door, as shown on the map below. The school gates open at 08:30. Children are welcome into class between the following times:


Reception, Years 1 and 2:            Between 08:30 and 08:40

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6:                       Between 08:30 and 08:45

Nursery:                                         Between 08:45 and 09:00

Hive:                                               Drop off is at 08:45 (no soft opening)


If your child arrives at school after the times shown above, they must be brought to the School Office to sign in. They will be marked as late. 


We will operate a red zone from 15:00 – 15:20, to allow us to dismiss pupils safely. After 15:20, the red zone will be removed and people can walk through the playground to leave by whichever gate they would like. Dismissal times are as below: 

Nursery:                                         15:00 – Elmfield Road Zone (Nursery Gate)

Reception:                                     15:10 – Elmfield Road Zone

Year 1 & 2:                                     15:10 – Ravenstone Street Zone

Year 3 & 4:                                     15:15 – Elmfield Road Zone

Year 5 & 6:                                     15:15 – Ravenstone Street Zone

Hive:                                               15:15 – Ravenstone Street Zone


Siblings will be taken to the correct zone by staff. If you have siblings, please go to your youngest/earliest child’s collection zone and wait for your other children to join you. For example, siblings in Years 3 and 6 will both be collected from the Elmfield Road Zone. Siblings will be dismissed with their year group, and not earlier.

 Please note that we will not be making any changes to our current procedures this term. All the changes detailed above will start in the Autumn Term 2021 and will be open to review as the year progresses.

Wrap around care - Our school day can start at 7:30 and can end at 6:15 (more information can be found here

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