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Ravenstone Primary School

School Journey


Year 6 are off to Marchant's Hill for their school journey on May 17th.  

Let the adventure begin...!


We are coming to the end of our first full day at Marchant’s Hill and what a day we have had!  We have battled through every weather condition after yesterday’s campfire being abandoned rather abruptly by thunder and lightning, but have had a great day.

The children woke (very early!) to sunshine, balloons, decorations and rousing choruses of happy birthday for Isabela and Miss Williams.  As I write, Miss Collyer and Courtney are organising cake and candles!  This is one birthday they are sure to remember.

The 3 groups have abseiled, jumped off telegraph poles, built rafts and completed the giant swing and a sensory trial.  The favourite activity seems to be the giant swing, you could probably hear the screams of excitement in Balham.

The children are talking part in a live game Cleudo tonight and they will all be ready for their beds to start again tomorrow.  We are all hoping that the weather is kinder to us and we stay dry for the whole day.




The weather has been kinder today and it has been action packed.  We have done: climbing, buggy building, raft building, trapeze, zip wire, challenge course and problem solving.  We thought you would like a photo bonanza!




The weather hasn't been kind to us today, but despite this we have learned to make a shelter, make fire, read a map, build a buggy, zip wire, climb Jacob's ladder and have so much fun.  We will be very sad to leave Marchant's Hill tomorrow but we are looking forward to seeing everyone and sleeping in our own beds!