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Stephen Wiltshire class review

Stephen Wiltshire Home Learning 

Friday 1st December 2023

Weekly Review –   Halfway through the second half of the Autumn Term.  The children are becoming more settled but a little tired!  Their work on colourful semantics has been amazing and they are all engaged and enjoy this.  We have spent time exploring the different building blocks we have in the school and comparing them.  We started with foam bricks, then strengthened them using shaving foam and then moved onto rubber bricks with shaving foam to see which was stronger. 

Maths – This week we have been ‘subitising’ - the ability to see how many there are without counting.  We looked at 2,3 and 4.  It’s a difficult skill, but it was great to see the children beginning to recognise amounts without counting.  To reinforce this, we used 4 cubes to show the number 4 in different ways, but always realising there was 4 each time.  Look out for your homework task! 


English – The children are working hard on their colourful semantics and making sentences using them.  I have really tested them with multiple matching for pictures at the same time, giving more than one option for each part of the sentence and with great determination, the children are identifying the correct part for each picture.  Their confidence, enjoyment and understanding of the story of 3 Little Pigs is reflected in the sentence making. 


Our Friday activity was to follow instruction to create gingerbread people.  We had the children rolling, mixing, adding and asking for ingredients.  Let’s hope the children enjoy them more than last week’s parathas! 


If you have any baking suggestions or creative activitie leading up to the end of the Autumn Term please share them, and we will create a lesson out of it. 


Please use Evidence Me to upload any homework your child does.  Videos are great! 


Reading – If your child struggles to engage with a story feel free to use a ‘puppet show’ - check today’s Evidence Me post for how we do it in class. 



Maths: Using the 4 cubes in your bag can you make the representations stuck in your homework book.  Challenge 1: Can you remember one way without looking?  Challenge 2: Can you remember another way Challenge 3: Remember all the ways and photograph them?! 

This can be done over the week, please feel free to keep the cubes for as long as you are doing the task. 


Art/DT and English: Incorporating the work we have been doing on building and houses.  Using materials (think furniture or blocks) build a house/tower to represent one of the houses the pigs built.  Challenge: Can you reenact being the Wolf and try to blow it down?  If it’s a straw house what will happen?  What material makes the best house?  Why? 


As always, any problems please email me or come and speak to me at the end of the day. 


Have a great weekend


Richard, Simon, Emilia, Holly and Nana