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Ravenstone Primary School

Stephen Wiltshire class review

Weekly Review - Thank you all for attending the Parent’s Evening Meetings, it was really lovely to have the time to catch up with you individually and talk about your child’s progress.

Group 1: 

Weekly Review- It was another great week of learning and fun in Stephen Wiltshire class. The children are doing particularly well with story time which we have two or three times a day. They particularly enjoy their story and songs in the sensory room.

Attention Autism-The children have continued to enjoy our bucket sessions and we have done attention autism sessions with paper sprinkles and glitter! They have been lots of fun.

English-We have been playing with wild animals and used photographs of the children playing as the basis of the work we have been doing with Colourful Semantics. The children used these images to first identify ‘who, doing’ and then to stick symbols and images to represent this basic sentence. Adult modelling and lots of repetition have been key components in this process. In phonics we have been learning about ‘o’ as in orange.

Maths -In Maths we have been looking at the numbers from 5-9 and practicing counting sets of objects with 1:1 correspondence continues to be our priority in our daily sessions.

PSHE-We have still been focusing on the daily routines for example, sitting down for story and circle time, tidy up time etc. We have been also consistent with following our adult –led agenda through our short daily tasks and the gradual increase in the number of story times etc.

Vocabulary – Words introduced this week include: wild animal, giraffe, story time and glitter.

AOB – Please return the Home Learning Book on Wednesday and the Reading Record and Take Home Books on Tuesday and Friday. Thank you

Dance/PE – We have Dance/PE on Friday.


Group 2: 

Weekly Review – In D.T. we planned the design of the car that we will make next week. The children chose from a range of resources e.g. boxes cardboard tubes, straws, dowel etc. and then drew a diagram of their design. In Science we looked at the sense of sound and the children went on a sound walk around the school. We used clipboards and tally charts to note down the different things we heard. In Geography we also went on a learning walk around the school and used the iPads to take photos of examples of human and physical features in our playgrounds.

English - In English, we looked at aliens. The children made their own alien, named it, wrote about his/her character and then created a poem about their aliens through shared writing. It was a lot of fun! In Phonics our new phoneme was the split digraph i-e (as in the words nice and smile).

Maths - In Maths we have been doing Maths Meetings daily. These cover a range of objectives and we have been focusing on subitising and number bonds to 10 and 20 as well as place value for one and two digit numbers.

PSHE - This week’s lesson was about healthy bodies and like last week we focused on personal hygiene routines. We looked in detail about how to brush your teeth.

Vocabulary – Words introduced this week include: hygiene, design, feature, alien and character.

AOB – Please remember to return your take home books and reading records on Tuesday and Friday and please return your Home Learning book on Wednesday. Thank you. Please remember to send in photos to decorate your child’s Growth Book. Thank you to those of you who have already sent these in. The books are looking great and the children love them!

Dance/PE - We have dance/PE on Friday. Children do need their PE kit for this please.

Thank you for all of your support this week. We hope you have a lovely weekend with plenty of rest and please stay safe.  


Jessie, Sarah and Catherine