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Ravenstone Primary School

The Hive

The Hive is a our specalist unit for children on the autism spectrum.

We opened in November 2017, initially catering for a small number of children, but we now host 18 pupils, from reception to Year 6.


  • 2 classrooms set up according to TEACCH principles
  • a sensory room
  • a soft play room
  • an outdoor learning garden
  • therapy/quiet room for more individualised learning
  • high staff-pupil ratio

What we provide:

  • A highly differentiated curriculum to ensure the needs of all pupils are met and that all pupils progress to their fullest potential.
  • An individualised approach to encourage independence and life skills.
  • Fun and exciting learning opportunities, which help to remove the emotional barriers and to ensure a positive, safe and respectful environment for every pupil.
  • Specialised teaching approaches using ASD specific strategies such as TEACCH, SCERTS, Intensive Interaction, Makaton and PECS.
  • Inclusion opportunities in the mainstream school in relevant year groups.
  • A commitment to working with parents through regular communication and workshops.
  • A multidisciplinary approach to learning to ensure speech, language and communication needs are met, as well as motor skill development.

Visiting The Hive and admissions:

If you would like to visit or have a question, please contact Geraint Davies (head of base).

Our guiding principles for admission can be found here 

All applications must be made via Wandsworth borough's consultation process.


Please contact the school if you would like to attend a tour of the school.  We hold these monthly on a set date.