Useful Links

Useful Links

Ravenstone Primary School

Useful videos for 2020.21

On the next two tabs you will be able to view a range of different talks and workshoops that have been put on by staff at Ravenstone.

The purpose of the vidoes are broken into two main strands.

1) Information suited for that academic year e.g. welcoming videos from staff or head of phases

2) On going information that will help parents understand school systems and how to support their child at home

We are constantly trying to improve this level of information and communication so if you have any suggestions of useful videos or questions then please get in touch by emailing 

Video 1 - Welcome to Early years (September 2020 presentation)

Video 2 - Welcome to KS1 (September 2020 presentation)

Video 3 - Welcome to LKS2 (September 2020 presentation)

Video coming

Video 4 - Welcome to UKS2 (September 2020 presentation)

Video 5 - Welcome to the hive (September 2020 presentation)

Video 6 - A recording of Mr Croft's open morning explaining the year to come (October 2020)

Video 7 - A recording of an open coffee morning for all Early Years parents (October 2020)

Video 8 - A video explaining school Journey 

Video to be uploaded soon

Video 9 - A video about Sayers Croft