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Ravenstone Primary School

Year 3 Weekly Update

Week ending Friday 14th January 2022


This week, we have been working on adding two numbers together using adjusting and redistribution. This included rounding one addend to the nearest 10 and subtracting from the other addend. It was quite tricky to begin with but we think we are getting there! Towards the end of the week, we used partitioning to help us subtract 2 and 3 – digit numbers.


Our focus this week has been making and finishing our own picture books based around our class text Where’s Lenny? Everyone has put a lot of work into their stories and the process behind making them. I hope everyone is feeling very proud of what they have achieved. Next week we will begin our new class text!


We began our new topic, Safety and the changing body. To begin the topic we learnt about what to do when faced with an emergency and how to call for help. The St John’s Ambulance website offer some great resources around this – check it out!


We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Miss Austin, Mrs Bull, Danni.