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Ravenstone Primary School

Thursday 4th April 2019


What another fantastic term at Ravenstone and the whole of year 3 deserve a tremendous well done for the hard work and effort they have put in over the past six weeks. Miss Del Valle, Mrs Pixton, Sarah and Sam would like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter and we hope you all enjoy the time off.


RE: This week we taught RE with a focus on Judaism. We learnt all about Passover and how Jewish people celebrated Passover. Next term we will return to English and start a poetry book called Hot like Fire by Valerie Bloom.


Maths: This week we began looking at fractions, with a focus on unit and non-unit fractions and tenths and also identifying the parts of a fraction such as numerator, denominator and Vinculum. Next week we will continue to work with fractions and identifying the link between fractions, decimals and tenths.


PSHE: This week finished watching a film called “The Princes Quest” and looked at the journey the different characters took. Next week we will start a new topic on rights and responsibilities.