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Ravenstone Primary School


Year 3 Weekly Update


Weekly Review - Week Beginning - 08.07.2024

Dear parents and guardians,

Thank you so much for coming to watch our production on Tuesday or/and Wednesday. The children worked extremely hard and I'm sure you were very proud of them!

Can you believe it? We only have a week of learning to go!

Please have a look at what we've been learning this week. 


This week, we have been introduced to perimeter and area. To find the perimeter we measured the lengths/distance around the edge of a shape. Area is the amount of space inside a shape and to measure the area we counted how many square are inside the shape or multiply the length by its width.

Perimeter - Class Playground


We have just finished our sentence stacking phase and therefore we are now confident with all the features needed to include in a diary entry. From making sure that the diary entry is in chronological order, to using inverted commas to punctuate dialogue to describing how someone behaves whilst feeling a certain emotion, we are ready for our independent write next week. On Thursday, we planned our diary entry so we are more than prepared to start writing on Monday.

Stone Age Tales: The Great Cave (Terry Deary's Historical Tales)


During our PSHE lesson this week we learned about the seven health benefits of stretching before listening to relaxing music and performing six different types of animals stretches. These stretches were cat stretch, tortoise stretch, giraffe stretch, flamingo stretch, butterfly stretch and cobra stretch.


Thank you for your continued support!

Mr Downey and Miss Ahmad