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Ravenstone Primary School

Year 4 Weekly Review


Children fulfilling their potential in the heart of the community. 


Week ending Friday 25th September 2020


We revisited Roman numerals this week and were very impressed with how quickly the children were able to pick this very different number system up! We also looked at rounding to 10 and 100. Ask your child about ‘book end’ numbers!


This week we have been writing our non-chronological report on Crocodiles. We have been so impressed with the facts the children have collected and how they have organised their writing. This was their first extended piece and we are very pleased with the outcome.


We have been continuing our work on the Zones of Regulation. Our main focus this week was talking about the ‘size’ of a problem. We thought about putting things into ‘perspective’ and tried to understand what this meant.


This week your child has learnt the below vocabulary as part of their History lesson.  Please discuss with your child and encourage them to use these new words.

mummification      pharaohs      canopic jars

Fantasy Day:

On Friday 2nd October, Year 4 will be designing and creating a fantasy setting related to our class text in English - Krindlekrax. Activities on the day will follow the Covid guidelines. We kindly ask that children bring in a few bits of decorative items from home to use as part of the art activity which will be planning, designing and making a fantasy setting. The main structure of the setting (cardboard boxes) we already have, but if children would like to bring in material, coloured card, sequins etc. they are free to do so. Please could all materials brought in be in a small, clearly labelled bag. We invite children to dress up for the day as a fantasy character that they may have read about, or if they are feeling really creative they could make up their own character!


Week commencing Monday 28th September 2020


We will continue our work on rounding this week by looking at round to 1000. This will then lead into us looking at place value of a 4-digit number and partitioning these in different ways.


We will continue reading more of Krindlekrax this week and think about how Elvis' bullying is affecting Ruskin. The children will be putting themselves in Ruskin's shoes and explain to Elvis in a letter how his behaviour is upsetting him. Our grammar focus this week will be conjunctions and inverted commas.  


As we have now finished introducing the zones of regulation we will return to our PSHE theme of Relationships and begin with a lesson on understanding the concept of keeping secrets. We will think about which secrets it is ok to keep to ourselves and which ones we should share with others.   

It has been another great week in Year 4 and the children continue to show their determination and happiness within school. Keep it up Year 4!

Have a lovely weekend - time to get the jumpers out!

Miss Austin and Mr Ingham