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Ravenstone Primary School

Year 4 Weekly Review


Children fulfilling their potential in the heart of the community. 


Week ending Friday 21st January

Weekly Review: 

Please check the times tables your child has been set from Monday through to half term (inside front cover).      


This week we have been looking at multiples of 9.  How we can use adjacent multiples to support our knowledge and the relationship between multiples of the 3s and 9s.  Throughout the week we have revisited topics from the Autumn Term and assessment style questions. 


This week we have continued our ‘The Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane’. To compliment our book, we have been focussing on different grammar aspects, including possessive apostrophes, contractions, fronted adverbials and pronouns.  We have done this through summarising and recapping which has really supported the children’s knowledge and understanding of the book.  Can they summarise the story so far for you? 


  • In PSHE we continue to look at our health and wellbeing. We have been focusing our happiness and how we can take responsibility for our own happiness. 



This week your child has learnt the below vocabulary as part of their lessons.  Please discuss with your child and encourage them to use these new words. 

Infiltrate, flow, frenzy 


From the Year 4 team!

School Uniform

This is a reminder that children need to come into school in the correct school uniform. Correct uniform is as follows:

  • Navy jumper or cardigan with school logo
  • Navy blue skirt/trousers/shorts/pinafore (no joggers or jeans)
  • Black/Navy shoes shoes (no logos)

Further details of correct uniform can be found here: Order-uniform/. If your child comes in to school without proper uniform, we will contact you to ask you to bring in whatever item of clothing they are missing.

Please also make sure your child's uniform is clearly labelled with their full name. Any unlabelled uniform will be placed in the lost property box, and will be donated to FoR's second hand uniform sale if not collected after a month.


Toys From Home

Due to incidences in the playground this week, Lower Key Stage 2 have decided to prohibit toys from being brought into school from home. The children have a number of playground resources to use and structured games to  play during break and lunchtime. We are looking forward to seeing the children making the most of these resources and enjoying their playtimes.