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Ravenstone Primary School

Year 4 Weekly Review


Children fulfilling their potential in the heart of the community. 


Week ending Friday 24th September 2021

Weekly Review:



This week we have moved onto column subtraction.  We have looked at the minuend, subtrahend and difference.  Can you remember what each one is?  We are currently working on subtraction including 3 digit numbers with exchanging.


This week we have concentrated on writing a letter to the local authorities about the behaviour of Elvis Cave (the bully of Lizard Street).  Why not ask your child about all the ways he has been terrorising the residents?! We were looking at a variety of punctuation, using paragraphs and being coherent.


In PSHE we have been discussing and understanding boundaries in friendships. We understand that they are important to make us feel safe and happy and we looked at some of the boundaries (expectations) we would have in our own friendships.  


This week your child has learnt the below vocabulary as part of their lessons.  Please discuss with your child and encourage them to use these new words.

pestered, flustered, smithereens