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Year 5 Weekly Review


Weekly Review 

Another great week in year 5. Everyone has settled back into their learning after last week and there is a real buzz for some of our subjects such as Vikings in History, World War 2 in English and pop ups in D.T. Both Miss Del Valle and Mrs Pixton have some very exciting plans coming up such as workshops on the Vikings and arts. 


English: In English, we started our new class text “Friend or Foe” written by Michael Morpurgo. We have read a few chapters and been using inference skills to understand the emotions that children felt during World War 2.  Next week we will continue to read and work on our class text.


Maths: In Maths, we continued looking at negative numbers in particular placing and identifying them on a number line. Next week will build on these skills and start calculating intervals across zero. 


PSHE: This week we learnt how to embrace failure and understand the emotions and feelings we experience when we fail at something. We looked at the importance of trying again and how we can learn from failing. Next week we will look at the importance of going for goals. 


Mrs Pixton, Miss Del Valle, Mandee and Ize