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Ravenstone Primary School


Year 5 Weekly Review

Friday 1st December 2023

Weekly Review

W have had a busy week of learning this week. In science, we investigated how to separate a solid that has been dissolved into a liquid. In art, we continued with our scaled up drawings of sweet wrappers and begun adding colour using paints. We have made a lot of progress with our reading aloud, we are mastering intonation, volume and speed when reading ‘There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom’.

English: This week in English, we have been creating our picture books. We have arrived at the final part of our projects for this topic in Reflecting Realities. We have used our storyboards, our story maps and existing picture books to help in the creation of these superb stories.

Maths: We came to the end of our multiplication topic this week. We are now able to multiply digits with 3 or more digits with a single digit number. We are now moving on to explore the topic of short division, our multiplication skills are going to be essential to help us understand this.

PSHE: Failure was the topic of our PSHE lesson this week. We learned about the purpose and importance of failure. We looked at how failure isn’t necessarily a negative thing, instead failure is a positive learning experience which can help us in the future. We explored how trial and error can be used in our lives effectively.

Key Vocabulary: juvenile, suspiciously, reluctant

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