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Ravenstone Primary School


 Week ending 16th October 2020

English: In English we have been editing and publishing our balanced argument as well as trying to finish off our book, Skellig, before half term begins.

Maths: In Maths this week, we have continued our work on the four operations, focusing on long multiplication, short division and the skills that act as precursors to long division.

PSHE: This week in PSHE we have continued with our work on Zones, thinking about the ‘inner coach’ voice in our head, that helps boost self-esteem and confidence. Next week, we will look at ‘inner critic’, the voice that is less helpful, however often more loud and boisterous in our heads! We will be looking at ways to deal and manage inner critics.

This week your child has learnt the below vocabulary. Please discuss with your child and encourage them to use these new words.

plate tectonics, magma reservoir, petri-dish, independent variable, dependent variable, control variable

We hope you all have wonderful weekends! 

Miss Williams, Miss Collyer, Courtney, Samantha, Andrea and Ize