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Ravenstone Primary School


 For week ending 24th September 2021

Weekly Review


This week we have been continuing to look at how bar models can be used to find missing values within a problem. We have moved on from using Cuisenaire rods and can now confidently draw a bar model to represent it. We have stretched our understanding of finding missing values by working with mixed units as well as decimal numbers. Next week we will be looking at balancing equations.


In English this week our focus has been planning a setting description of the garage. We have used some of our fantastic language that we generated from last week’s poems within our plans. Next week we will be writing our setting descriptions focusing on creating an eerie and foreboding atmosphere.


This week in PSHE we focused on respect: what it is and why it is important. We considered people within our lives that we respect, and people/groups of people within society that we respect. There was a great discussion about why it was that these people have our respect and how we can show respect to others. Next week we will be looking at respectful relationships.


  • Could all children who have not yet done so, please send in a baby photo of themselves for our class display. We can take a copy of a photo and return the original if needed.
  • In Autumn 1 6HB will have dance on Tuesdays and 6C will have music.
  • PE is on Wednesday for 6C and Tuesdays for 6HB. 6HB should come in wearing PE kit on Tuesdays.
  • Homework is handed out on Fridays and should be returned on the following Wednesday. 
  • Your child can change their take home book as and when they return their previous one.