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Ravenstone Primary School


Weekly Review 1st December 2023

Another fun week of learning and laughter in Year 1. It was ‘Grow the Code’ week in Phonics and we spent each lesson looking at the different ways we have learnt to read and write the vowel phonemes e.g. for the long ‘a’ phoneme we looked at the graphemes ai, ay, a-e and a.  In Science we looked at different types of fabrics through a magnifying glass. We drew the different fibres we could see and talked about what these materials would be good for. In Art we used our knowledge of secondary colours to create different shades of green. We mixed blue and yellow to paint green hands. The children were extremely creative and Cally was impressed with the different shades used! This week in Computing we continued looking at being maze explorers and completed some more challenges using instructions for different routes. Our History lesson was based around writing a shopping list as though we were going to buy some food in the 1950’s. Did you know we couldn’t just order everything online? We had to visit a greengrocer, a grocer, a butcher, a baker, and make sure the milkman had the right order.  



This week we continued to look at the story of Beegu. For their writing task the children wrote and narrated the journey that Beegu has been on so far. They also wrote a recount of their trip to the Science Museum. In Phonics we 'Grew the Code by looking at the different ways to write each phoneme.


Our Maths Meetings continued this week with us looking at ways to make ten. We used a wide range of practical resources and apparatus to demonstrate our understanding and represent the various number bonds. We looked at different ways we can partition these numbers using a part-part whole model. 


In PSHE we focused on our emotions and how we can understand these. We made a poster full of strategies to use depending on how we are feeling. 


Don’t forget Ravensnow Saturday 2nd December!
In Year 1 we will be having a Christmas theme day on the Wednesday 20th December, we will send out a request for certain crafting items that we require. If you can provide any, this will be greatly appreciated.
Key dates: 6th December – Ravenshop.
18th December – Christmas carol concert - Parents are invited to join us at 2:30.
20th December - Christmas Lunch & Christmas Jumper Day.

1P will have their PE lesson on Thursdays.
1D will have their PE lesson on Fridays.

Dance and Music:
This half term 1D will have Dance on Tuesdays and will need their PE kit. 1P will have Music. This will switch after the half term holiday.

Showing Assemblies:

Year One will be showing on the 15th December.


School Uniform:
This is a reminder that children need to come into school in the correct school uniform. Correct uniform is as follows:
Navy jumper or cardigan with school logo
Navy blue skirt/trousers/shorts/pinafore (no joggers or jeans)
Black/Navy shoes shoes (no logos)
Further details of correct uniform can be found here: Order-uniform/. If your child comes in to school without proper uniform, we will contact you to ask you to bring in whatever item of clothing they are missing.
Please also make sure your child's uniform is clearly labelled with their full name. Any un-labelled uniform will be placed in the lost property box, and will be donated to FoR's second hand uniform sale if not collected after a month.

Children are not allowed to wear nail varnish at school.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Davidson, Miss Purssey, Lisa and Sue