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Ravenstone Primary School



Review of the week (week ending 7th December 2018)


In English we discussed capital letters and practised using them for names, people and places as well as the beginning of a sentence. We also used our knowledge of polar bears to create amazing posters, remembering our capital letters and other sentence rules.


In Maths we continued with subtraction but had a closer look at the link with addition. We used pictures and the Part Whole model to try and find all 8 number calculations. For example:

Next week (week beginning 26th November 2018)


In English and Science we will be looking at the changes in seasons. We will be addressing misconceptions and be discussing the things we like and dislike about winter. The children will be describing winter using our senses and making sure we include adjectives in our work.


In Maths we will be learning about shape. We will start by recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes and then we will be grouping them according to different criteria. Independently we will encouraging children to spot shapes in their environment and construct towers using 3D shapes.


In Science, we will continue to learn about our senses with focus on touch. Children will be feeling and trying to guess different Christmas presents.

Of note:

Soon in Year 1 we will be making simple bird feeders to help birds in winter.  We would really appreciate if you could send a clean yoghurt pot with your child's name on it next week. 



1B-Dance                                              1MB – Music


1MB – PE


1B – PE

1B, 1MB – Italian, Library


Homework is due every Wednesday and sent out again every Friday.


Please encourage your child to swap his/her colour book at least once a week. There is no set day for children to return their books. We have noticed that there are children who tend to swap books as often as three times a week, there are others who have not returned/swapped their books since September.


Morris has asked that children have a Sports kit to wear during PE lessons suitable for the current weather conditions.

Water and Fruit

Children are welcome to bring in a clearly labelled water bottle which they can access throughout the day. A fresh piece of fruit is available for each child every playtime.

Growth Books

During PSHCE lessons children record their learning in Growth Books which they will use as they move up through the school. We would like to ask for some photographs of children (as babies, toddlers etc.) to decorate the front covers of their books – thank you very much for your support in this.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bull and Ms Bear