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Ravenstone Primary School

Week ending Friday 18th September 2020

What a strange week we have had full of uncertainty with lots of children being off and the year group being put into amber.  The children have coped so well with the additional responsibilities that this has entailed and have taken on the extra responsibilities incredibly well.  They have also managed to focus on their learning and achieve lots of great things this week.


We have started to send out 'Take Home Books' this week and will change them on Thursdays, so please ensure that they are your child's book bags then, 

English: We continued learning about bears this week writing all the different facts that we know about them. We then wrote some questions about the information we would like to learn about bears.

Maths: This week we looked at different ways of representing numbers. We wrote numerals, words and drew pictures to show different numbers. We also saw that if you don’t add or subtract to a group the total remains the same even if you move them about.

PSHE: We have been continuing to learn about the ‘Zones of Regulation’. This week we have focused on identifying which zone we are currently in and when we have been in all of the different zones.

Science: This week we expanded our knowledge of animals by sorting them into groups. We had carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

History: We spent our history lesson looking at toys and how they change as we grow from babies to toddlers and finally into five and six-year-olds.

Art: we explored the different types of lines that we can use based on the artwork of Bridget Riley.

 We are always here to help, so email if you would like to talk or have questions to ask.

 Best wishes,

 The Year One Team




The weather is very unpredictable at this time of year so the children need to come to school wearing suitable clothing.

PE Kits:

Children will need to bring their PE kits to school on the appropriate days and will get changed into their kits before the lesson and change back into their uniform after the lesson.  Please make sure that ALL of your child's clothes (both uniform and PE kits) are labelled to help minimise losing or swapping items.

PE Lessons:

1D: Wednesday

1W: Monday

Dance and Music Lessons:

These will be Tuesdays and will alternate at half term.

1D: Music

1W: Dance


A piece of fruit or vegetable provided to all children from Monday.

Home Learning Books:

Should be returned on Tuesday.

Take-Home Reading Books:

These books need to be returned on a Thursday.  A fine will be issued for any book that is damaged or lost.  Please do not mix these up with our class books that the children are allowed to change each day to help instil a love of reading.